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HIV: What's the story?

HIV isn’t something that only happens in other countries, it affects people in the UK too. In fact, all over the world young people have stories to tell about living with HIV and how they’re getting on with their lives. People just like you. Here are some of their stories – by sharing them with friends you can make a difference.

Video transcript These stories are based on real experiences
but are portrayed by actors.

Shabna's Story

Young mum Shabna has just found out her boyfriend Marco cheated on her with a girl who might have HIV. What’s she going to do now?

  • EthiopiaSee the stories of what young people are doing in Ethiopia to educate others and reduce the stigma around HIV.
  • KyrgyzstanSee the stories of how young people in Kyrgyzstan are teaching HIV awareness and safe sex.
  • South AfricaHear the stories about how young people in South Africa are helping to reduce discrimination against people who are living with HIV.
  • United KingdomSee how young people in the UK are creating their own projects and events to get HIV awareness across to others.

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